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Blenheim Realty - About Us
Blenheim Realty - About Us

Blenheim Realty - About Us

Building New Residential Homes Across The Home Counties and The South

Blenheim Realty Ltd group of companies is at the forefront of the property and residential development industries. Based in Hertfordshire, we promote residential or mixed use sites of up to 10 acres and develop residential building schemes of up to 30 dwellings. On larger strategic sites of above 10 acres we have promotional joint venture partners that add to our pool of resources and we combine our capital and risk undertaking structure / initiatives with them. 

Over the years Blenheim Realty Ltd group has worked on a vast array of its own developments from single detached dwellings through to large estates. In addition, we have worked with major PLC developers and smaller builders under joint venture agreements aiding them with land solutions and planning promotion. If working with a joint venture party or land owner we strive to give the maximum focus by being a medium sized regional company that can move very swiftly to both secure funding and take a potential site from inception to a successful conclusion. 

We are fortunate enough to have a relaxed board structure that allows us to be flexible; helping reduce lead times on projects and streamlining decision making. For this reason and the fact we are small-medium sized developer, we believe that we can act quickly, effectively and efficiently when the need is apparent. We believe that we add value to our projects from very early on within the project life-cycle.

Blenheim Realty was created in 2002 by its founder Matthew Sugars, but it is essentially a 3rd generation family business.  It has and continues to build an enviable reputation in the market and the employees are aware that each deal we work upon will contribute to define our reputation. For this reason, we strive to hold integrity as one of our key goals when ascertaining the correct conclusion or solution for the deal in hand. Of course, we also strive to maximise profit by ensuring that we are effective and creative in the solutions we employ.

We are a down to earth organisation with a friendly demeanour and are keen to talk to anyone with an interest in land (in various forms), commercial sites and development generally.

For more information or to discuss your project, please contact us on or speak to a senior advisor on 020 8736 5871.